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Learn how to improve your productivity and feel more in control whilst having the energy to do all that you want to do outside of work.

Whether you're a leader in sales or operations, HR or finance, marketing or IT, this programme will enable you and your team to play at your best more consistently.


To feel more in control despite the complex and uncertain times we find ourselves in.
To be living your life on purpose, saying yes and no to the things that really matter.
To have a clear plan for the year ahead, factoring in your long term goals and major life events.
To be explicitly clear on your core values and use them to guide your decision making.
To master your state to increase your productivity and inspire those around you.
To be able to battle- proof your mindset, blocking out the energy vampires and time- suckers.

To learn a powerful, protocol for planning your days, weeks & quarters to get back on the front foot.

To be able to install new habits that lead to sustained, positive changes at work and at home.

What's included?

(The full course curriculum is described at the bottom of this page along with several Free Preview videos.)

  • 34 Videos

  • 18 Toolkits & Worksheets

  • 4 Hours of Learning

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Leadership Mentor, Performance Coach & Keynote Speaker

Ben Morton

I’m a leadership mentor and performance coach with a unique background. As a former Captain in the British Army, I have led people in life or death situations. My experience has taught me that leadership is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. Fundamentally, I believe that leadership is less about the tools and models and more about understanding what it truly means to be a leader. For the past 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with senior leaders to help them lead their teams to great success. I have a track record of helping CEO’s turn-around dysfunctional teams that they have inherited and moving executive teams from good to great. The difference between me and other leadership mentors is my personal experience. I’ve led teams on expeditions around the world and my experience spans from the battlefield to the boardroom. I have had the pleasure of working with some truly outstanding clients such as Samsung, Merlin Entertainment and the Go-Ahead Group. I believe that great leaders take care of more than just what happens when they’re at work. I help them to consider all aspects of life to strike the right balance and achieve peak performance, personally and in work.

Don't leave your personal and professional development to hope or your organisation.

This is your year of personal growth!

You can hope that your company will invest in your development as you step into bigger roles, or you can invest in your own development so that your organisations sees you as someone capable of doing much more. This Personal Leadership Mastery Programme is designed to launch you forwards to the next level, and beyond.

For those who like the detail, here's exactly what's included.

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  • 1


  • 2

    Introduction to The Personal Leadership Success System

  • 3

    The Annual Planning Cycle

    • Your Future History and Holistic Life Plan

    • The Holistic Life Plan: Worksheet

    • The Vision Board

    • The Main Efforts and Enabling Objectives

    • Main Efforts and Enabling Objectives: Worksheet

    • The Roadmap for Success

    • Core Values Review

    • Guiding Principles

    • Recovery Periods: Bonus Video

  • 4

    The Quarterly Review and Planning Cycle

    • The Quarterly Planning Cycle: Introduction

    • The Quarterly Planning Cycle: Reflect and Review

    • The Quarterly Planning Cycle: Forward Planning

    • The Quarterly Planning Cycle: Bonus Video

    • The 90 Day Planning Tool: Worksheet

    • The 90 Day Plan: Template

    • Quarterly Review Guide: PDF Checklist

  • 5

    The Weekly Planning Protocol

    • Introduction

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol: Part One

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol: Part Two

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol: Part Three

    • Weekly Review: PDF Checklist and Template

    • Printing Your Calendar: A Step-By-Step Guide

  • 6

    The Daily Planning Protocol

    • The Daily Planning Protocol: Deconstruction

    • The Daily Planning Protocol: Part One

    • The Daily Planning Protocol: Part Two

  • 7

    Identifying Your Personal Values

    • Personal Values Identification

    • Personal Values Identification: Toolkit and Exercises

  • 8

    Building a Battle-proof Mindset

    • The 3PM Audit

    • The 3PM Audit: Worksheet

    • The State Triangle: Reference Model

    • Maintaining Balance and Energy: Worksheet

    • State Mastery: Introduction

    • State Mastery: The Power of language

    • The Power of Language: Worksheet

    • State Mastery: Focus and Physiology

    • State Mastery: Physiology - Part Two

  • 9

    Bonus Resources

    • Habits and Willpower: Part One

    • Habits and Willpower: Part Two

    • Habits and Willpower: Part Three

    • The Learning Integration Plan: Worksheet

    • The Mission Leadership Principles: PDF Download

    • 12 Books to Multiply Your Leadership Impact

    • Further Reading

  • 10

    Next steps

    • Before you go...

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