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One of the most effective things that leaders can do in uncertain times is to help their teams prioritise.

But we can't do that for our teams if we're not totally clear ourselves.

And despite knowing that we should prioritise, many of us fail to do it effectively. As a result we end up fighting one fire after another, being consumed by the urgent and not planning ahead. And so the cycle continues - we get busy being busy...which isn't the same as being productive.

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Over the past five years I've realised that one of the distinguishing factors of great teams and exceptional leaders is that they do the basics brilliantly well, with ruthless consistency. That's what the Weekly Planning Protocol is designed to help you do.

  • The things that are stopping you prioritising effectively for you and your team, and how to overcome them.

  • How to shift from constant fire-fighting and dealing with curve-balls to being pro-active and living life on the front foot.

  • A simple but highly effective Weekly Planning Protocol that you can implement immediately as it is, or adapt and make your own.

  • A weekly review framework for delivering results at work and developing a powerful growth mindset.

What's included?

The resources below are designed to help you establish effective planning habits, be more effective and lead your team more positively.

  • 4 Videos

  • 4 Toolkits & Worksheets

  • 30 Minutes of Learning

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  • 1


    • A personal introduction

  • 2

    The Weekly Planning Protocol Videos

    • Introduction

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol: Part One

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol: Part Two

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol: Part Three

  • 3

    Templates and Worksheets

    • Weekly Review: PDF Checklist and Template

    • Printing Your Calendar: A Step-By-Step Guide

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol Toolkit

  • 4

    Bonus Resources

    • One Simple Tactic for Leading Exhausted Teams

    • Prioritisation Aide Memoir

    • The Water Bottle Moment

  • 5

    Personal Leadership Mastery & Your Exclusive 50% Discount Code

    • Personal Leadership Mastery - The Full Programme

    • Mission: Leadership - Lifting the Mask

    • Let's Connect

Meet your coach...

Leadership Mentor, Performance Coach & Keynote Speaker

Ben Morton

I’m a leadership mentor and performance coach with a unique background. As a former Captain in the British Army, I have led people in life or death situations. My experience has taught me that leadership is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. Fundamentally, I believe that leadership is less about the tools and models and more about understanding what it truly means to be a leader. For the past 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of working with senior leaders to help them lead their teams to great success. I have a track record of helping CEO’s turn-around dysfunctional teams that they have inherited and moving executive teams from good to great. The difference between me and other leadership mentors is my personal experience. I’ve led teams on expeditions around the world and my experience spans from the battlefield to the boardroom. I have had the pleasure of working with some truly outstanding clients such as Samsung, Merlin Entertainment and the Go-Ahead Group. I believe that great leaders take care of more than just what happens when they’re at work. I help them to consider all aspects of life to strike the right balance and achieve peak performance, personally and in work.

Learn the tools, tactics and strategies that Ben shares with his 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring clients.

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