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You're busy and working flat out, but you *know* there's a better way. You just haven't found it yet or haven't been able to make it stick.

The modern workplace is a tough place for everyone, especially leaders and managers.

The past two years tested our management skills more than any period in living memory. We worked relentlessly hard to keep our teams motivated whilst trying our best to look after ourselves and our loved ones.

Some of us were working desperately hard just to survive in business, whilst others never had such a demand for their products and services.

And then there were the dedicated key workers who were working ten times harder than ever before in service of the greater good.

The problem is that we sped up instead of slowing down as we emerged from Covid. 

Our working days start earlier and end later. We spend so much time in meetings and have little time to do any 'real work' or forward plan. As a result, we feel as though we are constantly playing catch up and fighting one fire after another.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

There's a surprisingly simple yet incredibly powerful solution.

The solution is a 'Goldilocks' structure, not another expensive journal!

I've spent hundreds of pounds on planning journals, yet I never found one that I stuck with for more than two weeks. Why? Because they all felt just a little too prescriptive.

The Weekly Planning Protocol

The Weekly Planning Protocol gives you just enough structure to take back control of your weeks and regain that elusive sense of control. It's not too little, and it's not too much.

Eventually, I stopped buying all these journals, and I created my own Weekly Planning Methodology that distills down all I've learned in the past 20 years as a "personal development junkie."

It gives you just enough structure to take back control of your weeks without feeling like an overbearing chore or another task to be ticked off.

It's a simple methodology that needs just 20 minutes of focussed time at the end of each week, which will bring huge rewards.

All you need to do is sign up, and you will have access to the full Weekly Planning Protocol methodology and crib sheets.

When you apply the learning from this program you will:

  • Understand the #1 barrier to effective prioritisation and how to overcome it.

  • Get ahead of other people's diaries and be able to schedule key meetings in your diary with sufficient time.

  • Have a structure to shift from constant fire-fighting and dealing with curve-balls to feeling more in control and better organised.

  • Feel more confident, competent and capable as a leader and manager.

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What's included?

The resources below are designed to help you establish effective planning habits, be more effective and lead your team more positively.

  • 7 Videos

  • Over 60 Minutes of Learning

  • 4 Toolkits & Worksheets

  • Audio Only Copies of Each Lesson

  • 3 Specially Curated Podcasts

Course Content and Bonus Resources

Click on the drop-down arrows to view the full course content and resources.

  • 1


    • A personal introduction

  • 2

    The Weekly Planning Protocol Videos

    • Introduction

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol: Part One

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol: Part Two

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol: Part Three

  • 3

    Weekly Planning Protocol - Audio Files

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol - Part One

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol - Part Two

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol - Part Three

  • 4

    Prioritisation, Planning & Decision Fatigue

    • Planning and Prioritisation - Video One

    • Planning and Prioritisation - Video Two

  • 5

    Prioritisation, Planning & Decision Fatigue - Audio Files

    • Planning & Prioritisation; Video One Audio File

    • Planning & Prioritisation; Video One Audio File

  • 6

    Templates and Worksheets

    • Weekly Review: PDF Checklist and Template

    • Printing Your Calendar The Right Way: A Step-By-Step Guide

    • The Weekly Planning Protocol Toolkit

  • 7

    Bonus Resources

    • Top Tips for Leading Remote or Hybrid Teams

    • The Water Bottle Moment

    • Prioritisation Aide Memoir

    • One Simple Tactic for Leading Exhausted Teams

    • Top Tips for Leading Remote or Hybrid Teams - Audio File

  • 8

    Specially Selected Podcast Episodes

    • Introduction

    • General David Petraeus | Strategic Leadership, Big Ideas and Building Your Battle Rhythm

    • Sarah Walker-Smith | Productivity Tips From A Former Auditor

    • Phil Jones | The Importance of Horizon Scanning

  • 9

    An exclusive 50% discount to my Personal Leadership Mastery course.

    • Personal Leadership Mastery - The Full Programme

    • Mission: Leadership - Lifting the Mask

    • Let's Connect

Praise for Ben's Online Courses

5 star rating

Its the simple things that make the difference!

Andy Garner MCIRO

I have found the weekly planning protocol course to be something that has helped immensely in an area i have always struggled in. By implementing the weekl...

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I have found the weekly planning protocol course to be something that has helped immensely in an area i have always struggled in. By implementing the weekly planning protocol toolkit i have taken back control of my days and increased my productivity. Additionally, I have asked the team to look at implementing the framework as best practise and the feedback from them has been excellent. Another excellent tool from Ben to go along with his first rate podcast, thankyou.

Read Less
5 star rating

Worth it's weight in gold - love what I've seen so far!

Nick Warner

I've chosen to work my way through this wonderful course at a very steady pace and am savouring it like a bottle of fine wine! Others will no doubt choose to...

Read More

I've chosen to work my way through this wonderful course at a very steady pace and am savouring it like a bottle of fine wine! Others will no doubt choose to work at a faster pace which is great as well. I've used quite a few on-line learning packages over the years and as far as ease of use is concerned, this is as user-friendly as it gets. Everything flows logically and it's easy to navigate the dashboard and move swiftly between the learning modules. The modules themselves feel perfect in length and content and lend themselves to those who might perhaps prefer to learn in bite-size chunks as well as those who prefer more sustained learning periods. There's a really helpful facility that allows you to track your progress clearly and easily and simply pick up quickly where you left off during your previous session. The stand-out feature however, is the style and content of the video presentations and learning materials The style is informal, concise and always on-point. The messages and key learning points all 'land' very quickly and effectively and will be highly usable in the workplace. Working for a FTSE 100 company many years ago in managerial roles, I participated in some face-to-face workshops about leadership and at the time, they all followed a predictable path and invariably included the obligatory sessions on Maslow's hierarchy of needs etc. Ben's course is thankfully very different!! - insightful and very usable. At the time of writing, one of the early modules caused me to have one of those brilliant 'penny-drop' moments which only the very best courses are able to deliver. Without giving away any spoiler's(!), Ben recounts his personal experience at one of his previous employers (a very large and significant one) and the importance of aligning your own personal values to those of a prospective employer and the potential consequences of a less-than-perfect fit. Over a decade or so ago, I chose to leave an equally large employer (a global financial services provider) and left with a lingering feeling that I'd not performed as effectively as I might have done and that the blame lay entirely with myself. Listening to Ben recounting his experiences felt as though he was describing my own from over a decade ago. It's enabled me to reassess what happened and be easier on myself; providing a remarkable feeling of 'closure'. Undoubtedly a tribute to the course content. I can't wait to resume learning later this week and am absolutely convinced that, once I've finished I'll be returning to the material again and again.

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5 star rating

This goes so much further than 'only' covering leadership!

Carola Becker

Being a leader does not only mean that you look after your teams, your organisation, and your shareholders. Your responsibility is also to look after yoursel...

Read More

Being a leader does not only mean that you look after your teams, your organisation, and your shareholders. Your responsibility is also to look after yourself, physically and mentally. And Ben covers all aspects of it with clear and easy to follow guidance, helpful resources, and a great teaching style. You will learn about mindset, planning, reviewing your plans and values to shape yourself and become a better leader. You don't want to miss out on this course!

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During my coaching time with Ben, I started building a framework to actively take control of my calendar, breaking down my long-term aims into scheduled weekly deliverables, allocating time to progress, and still dealing with all the urgent things as they arise. 

I feel a lot more in control of my days & weeks, I still have the same number of plates spinning, but now I know it’s sustainable. Working with Ben was great; he quickly pinpointed the areas to grow and held me accountable as we built the plan – thanks, Ben!

Tom Hutchison

Senior Manager | Cytiva

Meet your coach...

Leadership Mentor, Performance Coach & Keynote Speaker

Ben Morton

Ben is a leadership mentor and performance coach with a unique background. As a former Captain in the British Army, Ben led people in life or death situations. His experience taught him that leadership is a great privilege and responsibility. Fundamentally, Ben realised that leadership is less about the tools and models and more about understanding what it truly means to be a leader. From the battlefield to the boardroom and beyond. For the past ten years, Ben has been working with senior leaders to help them lead their teams to great success. His track record of helping MDs and CEOs move their teams from good to great and beyond is a testament to his ability to understand people and his talent for cultivating a positive workplace culture. Before coaching, Ben led expeditions worldwide - his experience spans from the battlefield to the boardroom, giving him a unique approach to leadership coaching to help individuals reach their full potential.

Learn the tools, tactics and strategies that Ben shares with his 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring clients.

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